Smart Ways to Get Rid of Calluses

how to get rid of a callusA Quick Guide on How to Remove  and Get Rid of Calluses

Your feet are one of the most sensitive and frequently used body parts.  However many of us don’t care for them as much as we do for our skin, hair and nails. Wearing shoes improperly and excessive walking  on hard surfaces can cause or increase the chances of calluses. To avoid the formation of calluses and corns you should always wear shoes that are comfortable and well fitted.  If the calluses have just started forming, use the following tips to get rid of them:

Do not try to cut them, the risks of foot infection are relatively high, so you ought to be careful with with using any sharp blades to tackle these hard skin formations.
Scrubbing after shower: If your feet are hurting because of the calluses, use Luke warm water when showering.

You can also soak the feet in warm water using baking soda. After taking a shower, use a callus rasp or filer and gently scrub your feet. Make sure that you rub gently and not over do it,  rubbing them too hard or too fast will mot likely be counterproductive and  the calluses won’t be removed.  After gently scraping the callus, dry your feet with a towel and put on well fitted shoes.

Using a moisturizer: Keeping your feet hydrated and properly moisturized can help you in preventing and getting rid of calluses. Use a foot moisturizing cream or lotion and apply it on your feet after bathing.  By following these simple steps, you and your feel will most likely feel better.  If you need, there are special bandages available in the market for corns and calluses, they are great to use after moisturizing your feet, specially, when you have very thick and hard calluses. Make sure that you avoid wearing high heel Stiletto shoes or boots and similar shoes for work or extended period of times, they are the primary cause of calluses in women.

ProLinc Callus Eliminator: Yet another convenient and quick way to get rid of calluses is by using a very effective product called; ProLinc Callus Eliminator. This magic fluid removes the calluses within minutes. All you have to do is wear gloves and apply it on the affected area, allow it to get absorbed deeply. After it softens your skin, take a filer or callus rasp and remove the hard skin gently followed by washing your feet and drying them with a towel.
ProLinc is a trusted name in skincare products, proving itself as quick and effective on removing callus.  it is easily available and conveniently priced. It saves you time and trouble. Instead of using too many techniques, you can simply use one product that gives you instant relief. People that have and are using this eliminator are state that, not only it removes the calluses but also moisturizes the skin as well.

Like with any over the counter medications or ointments, follow manufacturer’s instructions and being that is chemically formulated, do not use on open or cracked heels.

Whether you have calluses, corns, dry skin or dry cuticles try this callus eliminator and you are likely to enjoy the quick and effective results of lovely feet in minimal time. The quantity of the fluid is enough for months’ usage, so by purchasing it you get worth every penny.